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Are You US Green Card Holder? Know About Your Rights and Responsibilities!

The much prized and the much sought after Green Card of the US, offered by the United States Citizenship & immigration Services (the USCIC), enables the proud holders to do several things, and enjoy many rights in their capacities as the permanent residents of the US. However–along with the rights– the holders also have certain obligations to perform, to justify their status as permanent residents of the US.

But at first let’s take a fleeting look at the rights:

US Green Card Holder’s Rights

The Green Card holders may do a job and move- minus any limitations whatsoever–across the length and breadth of the nation.

1. The card holders can spend the remaining period of their lives inside the nation, if they don’t indulge in any wrong-doings. In brief, till the card holders abide by the laws of the land, their permanent residency is 100% assured.

2. Do any legally permitted job inside the country. But, certain jobs (usually, government jobs in defence & homeland security) are restricted only for the citizens in view of security factors. Besides, a Green Card holder is not allowed to contest for an elected office.

3. Travel without any restrictions across the country. The holders of the Green Card may leave US only to return the nation as and when they want. Sill, certain restrictions do exist on extended stays outside the territorial jurisdictions of the nation.

4. Seek protection under all established laws of the nation, his state of residence & his local jurisdictions. To put in other words, all the safeguards & officially permitted paths available to the citizens of the US are also available for the permanent residents, even as this holds true anywhere across the US.

5. Request permits for one’s legally wedded spouse & unmarried kids to stay inside the nation.

6. Buy property/ firearms, provided no US state or local decree forbids the same.

7. Show up at public school and college, or be associated with the divisions of the nation’s Defence Services.

8. Submit a petition for a driver’s permit.

9. Receive benefits related to Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, besides healthcare, in case legally eligible.

US Green Card Holder’s Responsibilities

As mentioned before, some obligations, too, have to be fulfilled by the Green Card holders. These are the key obligations:

1. The Green Card holders have to abide by all existing laws of the country, the US states, the US counties, the US municipalities, the US cities, and the US towns.

2. The permanent residents of the US must file an income tax return on an yearly basis, and also give details about their income to the US Internal Revenue Service & other concerned tax officials, even as this covers state & local taxing groups.

3. It is expected of the Green Card holders that they strongly express their support in favor of democracy and democratic type of administration in the nation, and not try to effect any changes whatsoever to that administration, via unlawful ways. That the permanent residents must also strictly keep away from acts of sedition or subversion is also no secret.

4. Those who are males–and between 18 & 25–must enroll for the Selective Service to serve in the defence services as and when required.

5. The card holders must always carry a documentary proof of their permanent resident status with them and produce it before the authorities if asked for the same.

6. The permanent residents must uphold their immigration status & alter their address online, or offer the same in black & white to the involved US organization–Department of Homeland Security– inside 10 days every time they shift to a new address.

7. The holders must also have health coverage.

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