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Become an Eb-5 Investor in the Southeast United States

If you want to change your life by becoming both an eb-5 investor and a U.S. citizen, you have many options. One of the more popular areas for immigrant investors to settle down lately is Florida. Immigrants from rainy and snowy countries alike appear to enjoy the constant sunshine and populated beaches of the Southeast, and you just might count yourself among them.

According to recent studies, plenty of Europeans and Latin Americans are attracted to Florida, not because of its cheap real estate, but because they want to be American citizens while soaking up the sunshine. In fact, the recent interest in the area could help turn the state’s economy around faster than anticipated. Clearly, the immigrants benefit just as much from the decision to be an eb-5 investor in the area, as they get to come to the U.S. much faster than they would through other visas.

Investors are purchasing everything from condos to restaurants and retail shops. However, if you do not want to completely start a new business, which requires that you have $1 million and hire at least ten citizens, you have other options. There are a few regional centers in the area that will do much of the footwork for you, as long as you have $500,000 to spare. If you’ve ever wondered how some immigrants get away from a life of toiling in 9 to 5 jobs in their home country, only to go to the U.S. legally in less than a year and spend their days on the beach, this is how. As long as you have half a million dollars or more and a desire to get to the U.S. quickly, you should consider becoming an eb-5 investor.

There are currently two regional centers that require the mere $500,000 investment rather than $1 million. Monroe and Miami-Dade counties are the two existing areas that have lower than average employment rates and stand to gain much more from investors than other areas do. Hence, the deal here may be more attractive than in other areas, since all they need from you is the money and an interest in improving the area, even if you receive updates on the project while sunbathing.

A current project, for example, includes finishing commercial space attached to a new condo, which will eventually house retail shops, restaurants, a hotel, a spa, and more. Several other projects like this come up often. Investors cannot simply buy a house and rent it out, but investing in a condominium project does count.

You do not have to leave your family behind when you become an eb-5 investor. In fact, you can bring your spouse and any children up to age 21. If you have always dreamed of enjoying the beach with your family in the United States, and getting away from a daily job, investing in south Florida could be your calling.

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