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Collective Identity in the United States

Identity is what an individual understands from him or her self. This concept becomes more complicated in the society like the United States. Since this society is shaped upon immigration, some peculiar aspects like multiculturalism, multi ethnicity and multi racial have made this concept more complicated and unique.

People from all continents have come to form a single country. So the crucial question will be “what culture will be the dominant one?” or whose “sense of self” will rule the whole country? The answer to this question is not clear cut. Though everyone keeps his or her nationality, all of them have accepted a new and overall identity, called American identity. This acceptance or assimilation began from early days. I mean it was a MUST to get the common values that were provided, otherwise coexisting with other strangers would be difficult if not impossible.

I think this assimilation happens but somehow unconscious. It is hidden in the layers of nearly all American minds. Whenever a threat comes, it makes them aware of their beliefs.

Now this question comes to mind that how American government has been successful in bringing its nation under the flag of American Creed? The tactics they use are different and at the same time comprehensive.

A child is growing in the American society with the conception of sacred Patriotism while the symbols of this concept is honored in his life as he grows.

The propaganda in the media is another means that pushes the people toward accepting their new and collective identity. On the other hand, collective identity is in contrast with individualism. As the societies become more complicated, the role of individualism will be more outstanding, but in the united states they have been able to put these concepts together. This has happened through the deep and complicated process mentioned above. Therefore, the outcome of exercising these values by government is that an American, while an individual, believes in a collective identity as well.

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