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Common Reasons for K1 Visa Denial

There is a lot of paperwork and documentation required to complete the various stages of a K1 Visa. With so much to gather and organize it’s not difficult to imagine mistakes being made, but in most cases, problems with documentation or missing paperwork can be fixed once issued a Request for Evidence (RFE). An RFE is issued by the USCIS and signifies missing or suspicious data found that requires more evidence or explanation. Barring the possibility of being denied because of missing documents, there are other common reasons for denial of a K1 Visa. Some of these include:

* Previously married, not legally separated

* Misrepresentations: includes lying on forms or misconstruing facts (i.e. How you met your fiancée)

* Medical reasons: i.e. Contagious or communicable disease

In order to avoid these denials there are some obvious and some not so obvious countermeasures. If you have been married ensure that your divorce is final and documented with a divorce decree or divorce order for evidence. If you have lost this evidence, you can search the United States Birth Certificates, Death Records & Marriage Licenses, site by state and request the needed paperwork. If the paperwork is not completed, wait to file your K1 Visa after all divorce proceedings have completed, and you have a divorce court order or decree signed by a judge. Misrepresentations seem like they would be easy to avoid, just tell the truth! However, sometimes it’s not that simple and a true account of how you met may be difficult to explain. To avoid being put into such a frustrating position (essentially having to prove you’ve met your fiancée) make sure to provide a plethora of evidence, remember more is better.

Also, if including lots of photos together or chat/phone logs remember to label them on the back with a black-felt pen, as something like chat logs would need to be read to be understood and pointing out the obvious helps the reviewing agent. Medical reasons are something to be confronted with your Doctor. This is not something to stress about, but undoubtedly many will anyways. See your Doctor for more information as many things can be diagnosed and treated if problematic, and few will permanently bar you from obtaining a K1 Visa. provides advice and updated information weekly on the K1 Visa process from two individuals who completed the K1 Visa in 2007 and have been researching it.

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