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Different Types of Visas and Immigration Status

Making the decision to bring yourself or a valued employee to the United States from abroad can mark the beginning of an important new chapter in your life or the life of your company. But the process of obtaining the necessary visa to permit legal entry for a temporary stay can be complicated and confusing. Non-immigrant visas are available on a somewhat limited basis, so it is important that you do not take any needless chances in your efforts to come to the US. Understanding which kind of visa you should be seeking and how to go about securing one relies on being properly informed, and this is an area of knowledge that is beyond the grasp of most laypersons. A skilled and experienced Austin immigration lawyer, however, can make all the difference.

Non-immigrant Visa Statuses

Non-immigrant visas can generally be separated into two categories. Some visas are to be granted in connection with an individual’s employment and others are awarded independently of occupational concerns. The following are some of the most frequently sought non-immigrant visa statuses:

Employment Based

  • H-1b – Specialty (Professional) Occupation
  • H-2b – Temporary Worker
  • L-1a – International Company Executive/Manager Transferee
  • L-1b – International Company Specialized Knowledge Transferee
  • E-1 – Treaty Trader and Essential Worker of Treaty Trader
  • E-2 – Treaty Investor and Essential Worker of Treaty Investor
  • R-1 – Religious Worker
  • B-1 – Temporary Business Visitor

Non-employment Based

  • B-2 – Temporary Visitor
  • F-1 – Student
  • M-1 – Vocational Student
  • K-1 – Fiancé of US Citizen
  • K-3 – Spouse of US Citizen
  • J-1 – Exchange Visitor
  • VWP – Visa Waiver Program

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