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DV Lottery Case Numbers for Interviews

If you are a DV lottery applicant you may get to know whether you had won the lottery, through the entrant status check. That can be done by making use of the unique confirmation number, that you obtained when you filed an entry to take part in the Green Card lottery program. If you are a lucky winner, you will be able to view another page, followed by the page which states that you had won. The people who have not won the lottery will not be able to view other pages. Only the winners will get notification about further visa-processing. Information about the interview date can be obtained only through the entrant status check.

The KCC issues unique case numbers to each winner of the Green Card lottery. These case numbers may start from the number “1”. The numbers usually start with the year and the specific region followed by the unique case number. Through the case number, the winner can get to know whether he will go for an interview and whether a visa will be available before the program ends. The DV-2013 applicants are required by the US Department of State to retain their confirmation numbers till October as more entries may be selected in the month of October. Once the applicants are selected, the interview dates will be provided to each winner. It is wise to prepare the required civil documents on getting to know that you had won, since your application processing may be delayed, if you do not have the required supporting documentation.

After the selection, the winners will be called for the immigrant visa interview according to the allotted numbers. The case number “1” will be called first, followed by the other numbers. The winners will be called for interviews until the program closes or until the visas exhaust. The program closes officially on September 30, every year. It has to be noted that the selected applicants who do not receive visas by the closing date of the program, will not derive any benefit from their DV-2013 registration.

The winners are recommended to check the visa bulletin published every month by the US government. The current numbers can be found in the visa bulletin. People who are already in the United States on some other status will also be provided numbers. They may contact the USCIS to adjust their status to immigrant status, once their numbers are current. The winners must quote the numbers whenever they contact the KCC regarding their visa processing. The numbers will be posted as current by the US Department of State on the visa bulletin, after they decide how many case numbers to call each month. Some regions get additional case numbers each month and some regions are allotted fewer numbers.

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