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When I was 21 years old I moved to Chile. I lived there for about 3 years. While living there I met Rosa. We instantly realized how much we enjoyed spending time together. Within a few months we were engaged to be married. We decided that we would try to start our new family in the United States (my homeland). We then began the long and stressful process of trying to file for a K1 (fiance) visa.

K1 visa would allow my fiancee to travel to United States with the condition that we would marry within 90 days of her arrival. We thought the process would be fairly simple, but soon realized what we had gotten into. The paperwork was confusing and while trying to fumble our way through the forms we began to worry that if we made any mistakes our approval would be delayed.

Eventually we decided to seek out legal assistance. Upon investigation we became discouraged because most attorneys charged a thousands of dollars. Eventually we contracted the least expensive service we could find. The ending cost was about 2000. After weeks of dealing with the attorneys of the service we contracted, and sending files back and forth, we finally finished the application and sent it to the immigration offices.

We soon realized why the cost of the service was lower than the rest. Upon approval of the application we began the process of preparing Rosa for her visa interview in Chile. Part of the preparation included a medical exam. After the exam took place the results came back positive for active Tuberculosis. We panicked! We frantically tried to get in contact with our attorneys only to find out that they had never dealt with the problem and needed to do more research that could take weeks. Unfortunately Rosa’s interview was scheduled to be held in a few days. We couldn’t wait weeks. In the end we did research ourselves and ended up having to wait an additional 6 months while Rosa went through treatment.

Finally, nearly 2 1/2 years after we had begun the process Rosa was approved for the visa and we were reunited in the United States. While here we had to fend for ourselves with the application of residency (the green card) because the services we had contracted did not cover this crucial step.

After Rosa and I were married we began studying and researching immigration. We stumbled upon a new business dedicated to help others with the same process we had gone through ourselves. We noticed that the company, Fast Fiance Visa, cost a fraction of what we paid. After looking to their services we discovered that the founders of the company had not only been through the process themselves, but had run into just about every problem possible with the K1 visa. I am writing this article to recommend their services. The application that took US weeks to put together and submit takes Fast Fiance Visa hours, they understand the problems based on experience and extensive research, and they cover everything including the greed card process.

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