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The interview isn’t all that tough. INS officer asks typical questions; such as how you and your spouse met, the time span for which you know each other, and many more. These questions are quite similar to the ones asked while having applied for fiance visa at the embassy of the US.

This interview is taken with the sole objective of determining your relationship’s legitimacy and claim of your wife for permanent nationality. Remember that the above-mentioned interview is fully video-taped. Try answering the questions fearlessly, even if you might feel nervous. Do not go on volunteering any information. Such a thing is much similar to ‘police investigation’. In other words, any information conveyed by you can be made use of against you. However, do not forget that the relationship you are in is 100% legitimate. You’re innocent; hence, there isn’t anything to hide. Try to answer the questions directly.

You might have heard of people who had a tough time with regards to interview. As per some couples who have been found reporting various stories, INS officer who have been condescending and rude. Couples have also said that he didn’t even have the slightest belief about their legitimacy. There are, however, couples having positive experiences as well. It doesn’t mean that they did not face tough questioning. It actually depends on the way in which you present yourself. The body language speaks a lot. Just keep one thing in mind: Keep your cool.

If the petition submitted by you happens to be legitimate, there shouldn’t be any problem. Your application would get approved within no time. If, due to certain reasons, the application gets denied, you have the right to appeal. The ‘Immigration attorney’, who had filed your ‘Fiance Visa’, can be brought as a proof. You can find out if your application has been approved or not, right at the interview. The Green Card of your wife may arrive later.

Secure the Green Card

Don’t lose the Green Card. Make sure to make multiple copies. Whenever your better-half leaves the nation, ensure that Green Card, along with the copies, is carried by her. Remember that she won’t be allowed to get re-admitted to States without Green Card on her arrival. Green Card received by her can be termed as an exclusive 2-year Green Card. If, for example, she has married with the only objective to get a ‘Green Card’, INS does not hesitate in issuing her the 2-year card.

After 2 years, Green Card acquired by her expires. If she has still not married you in this period, there is a likelihood of expiry of her ‘Permanent Residency’ as well. She, in this case would have to give a valid reason to get a Permanent Residency card.

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