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How Much Does an Emergency Passport Cost?

The cost of an emergency passport will depend on the type of passport service you need and the manner in which you choose to process the application. If we consider an emergency as a situation in which you need to obtain your passport in less than two weeks, then there are two options available to you. Both will cost you. One will cost you a little more in terms of fees. The other will cost you more time. Let’s look at each processing method and then you can choose which is best for you.

Emergency Passports at a Regional Agency

Regional passport agencies are located in major cities throughout the United States. Each serves a particular region. These agencies attend American citizens who need to get a passport in 14 days or less. Actually, you can apply up to 28 days before your departure date if you also need to get a travel visa.

The monetary cost depends on the application you submit. A new passport book for an adult has an application fee of $75 and an execution fee of $25. A minor (under 16) only pays $60 for the application fee and $25 for the execution fee. An adult only needs to pay the application fee of $75 for a renewal. There is an expedited service fee of $60 for each application submitted at the regional agency.

An additional cost when applying at a regional agency is the time you will expend to get your application. You have to take time to schedule an appointment. During peak travel seasons the lines can get pretty congested and take quite a while to get through. Then you have to travel to the agency. Depending on where you live, this could consume anywhere from an hour to an entire day or more.

There are also other expenses that few consider when applying at a regional agency. Often, a person has to take off work because the agencies are not open on weekends. How much is a days work worth? Then there is transportation, food, parking, etc. It can really add up quickly.

Too often, applicants quickly dispense with the idea of applying through a professional expediting service because of the additional fee. However, a closer examination may reveal that it is the cheaper route.

Emergency Passports through a Professional Expediter

Professional expediting services have been around for many years and have extensive experience in the passport application process. A private expediter with an experience customer service staff can be an added benefit for travelers who are under pressure to obtain a passport quickly.

Expediters are located in the same cities as the regional agencies and, oftentimes, within just a few blocks. No need for you to make the trip to the agency, pass through the security check and wait in long lines. All this is done by the expediter you choose.

Fees start at about $65 and go up to about $299 for same day passport processing. While the latter may seem expensive, especially given the fact that you will have to pay the fees to the government, the total cost of submitting the application yourself may exceed this amount if you take all the factors into consideration.

Either way, obtaining an emergency passport costs a lot. The important factor in calculating the total cost is taking all aspects into consideration. Though you may be in a hurry, take a few minutes to carefully calculate the total cost of each option taking all factors into consideration. This will give you a true understanding of which is the better method of applying for an emergency passport.

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