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Illegal Immigration Costs in the US

There are many different arguments over immigration, both legal and not, in the United States. However, when it comes down to illegal immigration, many politicians and intellectuals agree. Some might argue that illegal immigrants have an important role in American society, especially in the workforce, but some say that it is not worth it.

There are larger things at stake, and one must consider all angles of the costs of people immigrating illegally in the US. The debate has been going on for some time, but due to recent changes in our economy, the American population must consider the ramifications of illegal immigration.

While many undocumented workers are willing to work for low wages, which contributes to our economy, many of them do not pay taxes, which ultimately hurts US. The question is which side of the spectrum will cost the United States the most in the end, and then the question is what to do about it.

The problem begins with the fact that many illegal immigrants do not have the talents or experience to work anywhere but the lower income jobs. Because of this, many of them are forced to work for jobs in the underground economy. This in turn, means that they do not pay taxes to the United States government.

When you combine those factors with the fact that the influx of immigration has increased since the legal amnesty in 1986, then the United States is left with a problem. It is hard to calculate the costs of illegal immigration, though there are predictions.

Illegal immigration is thought to have doubled since 1996. Estimated costs of 1996 put the costs of illegal immigration in the US around $20 billion to the US taxpayers annually. However, since then you can double the $20 billion, and account for inflation. Inflation is seen in school budgets and every other area of taxpayer’s income.

This means that the overall costs of undocumented immigration would be somewhere around $45 billion. The net price is high, and because of the most recent economic downturn with high levels of unemployment, this could even add somewhere around $10 billion every year.

While many immigrants add valuable assets to our community, it is imperative that these immigrants come over legally. Not only is this important for national security at the borders, but also for our economic situation as the costs of illegal immigration in the US outweigh the benefits.

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