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Immigrant Spouses Soon Able to Work in US

There are many cases in which an immigrant may have a job opportunity in the United States but have a spouse which cannot join them due to new immigration rules that barred them from working.

It has recently been announced on February 24th by the Obama administration that there will be a visa rule modification that will allow spouses that are highly skilled immigrants the ability to work in the United States beginning this year.

This announcement has brought a lot of relief to many spouses since they are now able to pursue their dreams in the United States. There is now no necessity to stay in their own country because of the visa rules.

The director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Leon Rodriguez, stated that the change in the visa rule will encourage more spouses which are highly skilled to come to the Unites States on a H-1B visa and apply for green cards in order to continue their stay in the United States. Having the ability to captivate these types of workers and their spouses will not only help them pursue their dreams, but also boost the American economy.

There are many cases in which the spouse may be a highly skilled worker, but the family still had many financial struggles when the spouse was not able to work and in some cases would return back to their country.

Once all of the qualified available U.S candidates have been employed, foreign workers which have an H-1B visa will be able to be employed.

Until recently, the spouses have been given a different H-4 visa which makes them unqualified to obtain a Social Security number. When you cannot acquire a Social Security number there is no way in which you can legally earn any money.

The visa rule modification will not only boost the economy in the United States but it will also benefit H-4 visa spouses by putting their skills to productive use, and eliminate the stress of having only one spouse that is talented and the other forgotten.

According to the Obama administration, the plans to make these changes was estimated to begin last May. It has been estimated that as many as 179,000 spouses will have the ability to apply for work permits in the first year, and each year proceeding 55,000. Applications will begin to be approved starting May 26.

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