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Is It Easy To Get a Temporary Work Visa?

There is no one document that can be pointed to as being a temporary work visa. However, there is more than one half-dozen ways by which a nonimmigrant can be granted the freedom to reside and work in the United States. The simplest of those involves marrying a US citizen.

For those who are not lucky enough to find an American bride or groom, there are many alternate routes. One involves obtaining one of the H visas. The holder of an H visa must have a job offer from an US employer. Moreover, he or she must have a skill that is in short supply. Furthermore, he or she must have a degree or at least 12 years of experience in a specialized field.

In addition to the H visas, there are L visas. The holder of an L visa has an employer who is willing to transfer that employee/visa holder. He or she cannot be someone who holds a lower position. He or she needs to be a manager, or someone who works in a specialized field (like the holder of an H visa).

The nonimmigrant who wins a green card in the diversity lottery can come to the United States, and live in that country, while seeking some form of employment. However, it is not always easy for such a winner to find a job. He or she does not always have a sufficient command of the English language. Moreover, he or she may not be able to afford the cost of residing in the US, while seeking a form of employment.

Someone with money can gain permission to enter the USA by owning or buying a business, as long as he or she is a citizen of a Treaty country. Someone who can bring $1,000,000 into the US can earn the status of investor and temporary resident. Those who have a friend or relative who will sponsor them can enter the United States and reside in the country, while seeking employment.

The member of a religious denomination may choose to obtain an R-1 visa. That document would allow him or her to be a religious worker inside of the USA. The final route available to a nonimmigrant requires readiness to seek a refugee status, or to obtain an S-visa. The holder of that latter document is someone who has assisted the government with the enforcement of the law or the prosecution of a criminal.

Though there are a variety of visas that you might be eligible for including the work visas, it is best to consult an immigration attorney. But it is best to select a lawyer who is well-versed in the nuances of immigration and emigration laws and have helped other people in similar circumstances. Although having the support of an immigration lawyer is of immense benefit, it is best to check the experience, license and feedback on the lawyer service before you hire their service. Ask your friends, business associates or colleges to refer the services of an immigration attorney service.

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