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Is it Smarter to Apply For the Eb5 Green Card Or the Eb2 Visa?

There are a few pathways to get into the United States from a foreign country. One of them is the eb2 visa, while another popular one is the eb5 visa. However, there are a few reasons that some immigrants are recently choosing to consider the eb5 green card instead of the eb2.

You might know what the eb5 green card is, but the eb2 visa is not always well-known. The two have some similarities, but the eb2 visa lets immigrants enter the United States to control a particular investment. Additionally, such immigrants need to be from certain countries to qualify, and an investment of only $200,000 is sufficient. Though the type of business is not specified, it needs to contribute to the United States economy greatly.

Clearly, there are some differences between the two visas. For example, the eb5 green card program specifies that the investment must be at least $1 million, or $500,000 if the business is in an area with low employment rates. Immigrants from nearly every country can apply, and there are more specific regulations to the eb5 visa rather than just contributing to the economy in general. One example is that the business must create at least ten new jobs.

There are several reasons that some immigrants prefer an eb5 green card over an eb2 visa. Many officials are now stating that the eb2 visa might not be the best route for those who want to stay in the United States permanently. Additionally, there are longer waiting periods than ever before, and many people with children approaching the age of 21 are in a hurry to qualify before then. This is because with both programs, all family members under 21 can also come to the U.S. Under the eb2 visa, if immigrants sell their business or decide to retire, the visa cannot be renewed and they will have to return to their original home.

The eb5 green card route might require more money upfront, but at least once immigrants enter the U.S. they can retire or sell their business after they meet the initial requirements. They can then stay in the United States with their family. There is less pressure and more stability with the eb5 visa, according to many officials.

If you are struggling between which visa to apply for, consider the facts first. If you do not see yourself retiring anytime soon and just want to check out the United States for a few years, the eb2 route might be best. This is especially true if you only have around $200,000 to invest. However, if you have at least $500,000 and wish to make the U.S. your new permanent home, hoping to eventually retire, you should apply for the eb5 green card instead.

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