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K-3 Spouse Visa – An Overview

The K-3 spouse visa is a non-immigrant (visitor) marriage visa for alien spouses of American citizens. The main purpose of this category visa is to reunite the families. The USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) is responsible for processing the K-3 spouse visa files. This is a temporary visa, which allows the visitor (spouse) to remain in the USA for a period of two years instead of waiting abroad for the approval of immigrant visa.

With the support of a K-3 spouse visa, an American citizen can take his/her spouse residing in any foreign country to the US without much difficulty. For a K-3 spouse visa, the basic eligibility requirements for the applicant are:

o Must be legally married to a US citizen

o Must fulfill the norms of the marriage act where the marriage has taken place

o Must have terminated all previous marriages, if any

The supporting documents required are as follows –

o valid passport

o certificate from local police

o marriage and birth certificate

o evidence in support of US spouse’s citizenship

o divorce/death certificate of previous marriage

o medical examination report

In addition, before forwarding the application for K-3 spouse visa, your American spouse must have received the Notice of Receipt after filing the petition under Form 1-130 and Form 1-129F with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service center. On approval of the petition of the US citizen, the USCIS will forward it to the United States consulate in the nation where the applicant has applied for K-3 spouse visa. Once the process is completed, the foreign spouse has to attend an interview at the United States consulate office at their request. Fulfilling all the criteria, the K-3 spouse visa will be issued.

Foreign nationals who hold K3 spouse visa in the US have many benefits:-

o Can travel abroad and come back using the K3 visa.

o Can have an employment authorization document.

o Can get Social Status Number (SSN)

Make use of the Internet to know more details regarding the K-3 spouse visa.

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