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K-3 Spouse Visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows an American citizen to bring his/her spouse to America for the purpose of staying together. This kind of visa opens a route for legitimate permanent residence in the USA. To be eligible for a K-3 spouse visa, both the US citizen and his or her spouse have to fulfill several procedures and requirements. To make the K-3 Spouse Visa processing simple and hassle free, there are many immigration law firms and other attorney service providers to help you.

The main aim of a K-3 Spouse Visa – attorney service provider is to assist and guide K-3 Spouse Visa applicants and their US citizen spouses throughout the processing of the K 3 Visa. The attorney services offered by an immigration firm are comprehensive and vast and include several stages. Their services include preparation of all legal documents, submission and monitoring of petition and many more. Some of their important services are given below:

o Firstly, they thoroughly evaluate the applicant’s personal circumstances and determine whether K-3 Spouse Visa is appropriate for the applicant.

o Verify the authenticity of the necessary legal supporting documents to be furnished during the Visa processing.

o Help in filing immigrant petitions, form I-130 for your spouse and form I-129F for your spouse and children, with the concerned USCIS Office.

o Getting approval from the concerned USCIS Office.

o Accurate and careful preparation of K-3 visa application and submission to the concerned government agencies.

o Monitoring of visa processing and co-coordinating all correspondence with government carefully.

o Give necessary advice that helps visa applicants at their Consular or USCIS interview.

Before applying for a K-3 spouse Visa, it would be a wise decision to consult an experienced immigration service provider. Some of these kinds of law firms can also give necessary advice if your spouse is already staying in the US illegally. Choose only knowledgeable and reliable immigration consultants who can arrange and speed up your K-3 spouse Visa processing.

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