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K1 Visa For Thai Fiancee – Basic Requirements

A K1 Fiancée Visa entitles a U.S. citizen to take his Thai fiancée to the U.S. with the intention of marrying within 90 days of arrival. It is a single entry non-immigrant visa that can be adjusted to an immigrant visa in the U.S. through the adjustment of status after the marriage.


The petitioner for the K-1 Visa must be a U.S. citizen and the fiancée (also called as the beneficiary) must be a Thai national. If in case that a foreign national working in Thailand is petitioned for a K1, she must present a work permit for her to be considered for an interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok.


a. With the exception relating to religious matters, the petitioner and his fiancée must met personally within 2 years by the time of the visa application.

b. The petitioner and the beneficiary, as a procedural requirement must pass a criminal record check for the K1 Visa Thailand

c. The beneficiary must pass the medical examination required

d. The beneficiary must not be inadmissible to the US. Grounds of Inadmissibility as stated in the USCIS website.

e. The petitioner must meet the financial requirements;

He must be able to meet the income eligibility requirement in the Affidavit of Support he must show that his income is 125% of the poverty line. Aside from the income, the petitioner’s assets, stocks owned if any, bonds, other sources of income, and, or other business owned can add to the evidence of financial capability of the petitioner. The petitioner’s financial information is then reflected in his Affidavit of Support. The purpose of the Affidavit of Support is to ensure that the petitioner has taken under oath to accept the legal responsibility of financially supporting his Thai fiancée when bringing her to the U.S. to live permanently.

f. The petitioner and his Thai fiancée must both be legally free to marry each other.

g. The petitioner must have the intention to marry his Thai fiancée within ninety (90) days from the date of her arrival in the United States.

Many petitioners do not realize that their Thai Fiancée will need a lot of assistance especially during the interview process. You must be aware that one mistake can lead to a disastrous rejection of the application. It is best to seek advice/guidance from a Law Firm that is expert in US immigration concerns to assist you with the K1 Visa Thailand application.

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