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With more and more people seeking to work and travel throughout the United Kingdom, the British High Commission has managed to update and revise one of the most popular job visas; the working holiday visa. They are now calling it the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme and it is a great way to see the United Kingdom and share your skills as well as have the opportunity to learn some more. This is a visa that is open to applicants aged between 18 and 30 and there are some pretty strict guideline s that must be observed in order to be eligible for this type of visa. It has improved the options for those eligible to work in the United Kingdom for the entire two years while there, rather than only being able to work part thereof.

The other popular UK working visas that are available are the Tier 1 Highly Skilled visas and the Irish Working Holiday Authorization visas. The Tier 1 UK work visas are an exclusive visa that allows highly skilled professionals to travel and work in the United Kingdom without a previous job offer being arranged and without sponsorship. There are some specifications that obviously need to be adhered to and should be duly noted before applying for these types of visas.

The Irish Working Holiday Authorisation is available to Australian and New Zealand passport holders and is a special arrangement between these countries to allow for travellers aged between 18 and 30 to fund their holiday while participating in casual employment. You can check out all the requirements and details at a very handy site called Restless World. They even have a free visa application tool to see if you are eligible before you start to fill out the applications and documents needed for these types of working visas.

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