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The requirements for immigration to UK for the married couples are always been taken into consideration following by the published UK government rules for the given policy. A person dreaming to marry in the UK has to prove their nationality which is done before the process of submitting the legal notice of intention to marry. It depends upon the person’s wish to consider very carefully whether it is better to marry first and then applying for entry since this will avoid the compulsion of signing a fiancée application and then afterwards making a second application to remain as a spouse. However, it must be taken in notice that it is no longer possible for maximum visitors to transform status to a spouse visa.

Spouses of citizens from UK or permanent residents will have to come to the UK under the jurisdiction of marriage visa category, and are able to work as soon as a visa is granted. A UK spouse visa allows a person with settled status in Great Britain to bring their spouse to join them in the Country. The applicant will be able to seek and take up employment in the United Kingdom as soon as the document is granted without the need to arrange a UK work permit. United Kingdom marriage visas do not place any restrictions upon the type of work that can be undertaken. These people need to meet the requirements for marriage Visa which are stated as follows:

For a marriage visa application, candidate must be having a minimum age of 21 years and the partner must be having settled status in the UK and must be 21 years of age or over. A marriage visa for a probationary period of two years is been given to those couple who have been together for less than a period of four years. If a couple is still married and is living together by the end of two years in the UK, permanent residence is usually granted If a couple have been living together outside the UK for more than four years will be granted indefinite leave to remain or the permanent residence in the UK without following the rule for living in the UK for two years. The UK citizen or permanent resident must have actually met their non-UK spouse. This step has been taken to avoid a situation that occurs sometimes in arranged marriages where the husband and wife have never met before marriage. The person must intend to permanently live together along with his spouse. The person must have to ensure that he may possess sufficient funds to pay you and your spouse’s living expenses and those of any dependants without claiming any public funds. Public funds cover various benefits paid by the Government if he is currently looking for work, if he is on a low income and if he is are in various other situations. Couple accommodation, and any dependants, must be suitable and available.

Spouses seeking to come to the UK on the basis of marriage to a UK national must have to apply for an individual entry clearance before entering the UK. If the person has visa which have a six months validation or less in the UK, he will be unable to change status to a spouse visa. Children of the marriage who are under 18 years old are allowed entry to the UK as dependants, and can make their application at the same time as the main applicant. After a total period of three years in the UK, if the couples meet the residence requirements then they may apply for UK citizenship.

The person have an entry clearance granted expressly for the purpose of marriage – Entry clearance is the assurance of granting permission to enter the UK by an Entry Clearance Officer in the British Embassy/High Commission in the person’s country. It will usually be shown as a visa in the person’s passport or travel document.

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