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Those interviews make one ‘squirm in the chair’ and there is always a probability of being denied the visa. Yeah, there goes all you’re planning. Wait!! Rumour has it that there are countries that provide visa on arrival for Indians. What do you say? Try these options?

· Dragaons and Thunder at Bhutan –

India’s neighbor offers a good experience to those who wish to have an enchanting and inexpensive holiday experience. One can reach the place by land or air. To get to Bhutan by road from Siliguri, upon reaching Jaigaon, Indian citizens can enter Phuentsholing without a visa. Going deeper into the country, would require a permit to be obtained from here or Thimpu. Referred to as the land of the Thunder Dragon; Bhutan’s monasteries like Tiger’s Nest is a visit worth a lifetime. The country is bright cuisine rich yet healthy.

· Fiji Islands in the Pacific –

The region of the South Pacific is bestowed with the beautiful Fiji Islands. The authorities provide free visa on arrival to Indian tourists with an aim to increase tourism prospects. Charming beaches, healthy marine life, good food and super friendly inhabitants, Fiji is a perfect place for couples who wish to escape to a secluded paradise.

· Lanka’s Stones and Island Waters –

For a mere USD 15, Indian citizens are given visas on arrival at Sri Lanka. Tangy cuisine, beaches that are a relief to the sore eyed and a mix of British colonialism with tradition is what this little island offers its tourists. A super cheap place to shop for clothes and as well as precious stones, you will enjoy your time here and may even come back for a second time.

· Kenya to Bring out the Wild in You –

Go wild in Kenya. The Masai Mara wildlife reserve in Africa is the place to be at. Mombasa offers great historical tours and Nairobi its safaris. The Indian traveler need not worry about visas as he will be granted one on arrival for an amount of USD 50. This little paradise is waiting with open arms to greet tourists. Consider a visit to this country.

· Bays to Watch Out For At Jamaica –

The famous Montego Bay is waiting for you to set foot. The land of Bob Marley, Jamaica is a cultural hotspot that will sweep you off your feet. Shake those hips to the enchanting calypso beats, lie on its beaches and get drenched in its beaches. If you plan to stay on for more than 14 days, then its visa free travels for Indians. The thrilling experience that one will get from visiting Jamaica is unexpected.

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