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Potential Reasons For Student Visa Refusal

Apart from common reasons for student visa refusal such as lack of proficiency in English, inability to demonstrate sound financial status or to show the relevance of education in US for future plans, acceptance from a local or mediocre school in US, nervous body language and so on so forth, there are other potential reasons for which student visas can be refused. These reasons generally pertain to one or more required mandate not being fulfilled by the candidate, or willful distortion of facts.

Following are some of the reasons for which students can be refused visa:

214(b) Refusals

This means that the visa officer does not believe that the candidate is serious about returning to India after the completion of the course. If the visa officer has any reason to believe that the applicant may be an intending immigrant to the US, he/she can refuse a candidate visa under Section 214(b). In that case the candidate may reapply for another visa interview. If however the circumstances for which the candidate was refused visa earlier have not changed significantly, another interview would prove to be futile.

In case of another application for visa, the candidate can visit the VFS website for information regarding visa application process. He/ she will be required to fill out a new application form and pay the NIV application fee of Rs. 4600 each time they reapply.

221(g) Refusals

Student visa refusal under Section 221(g) of the US INA means that the application for visa was incomplete or needs further administrative action. Certain instructions are given at the time of refusal. If the candidate has been requested by a Consular Officer to make an appointment and appear in person at the Consulate, he/she should visit the VFS website to make the appointment. Sometimes the refusal letter does not request the candidate to make an appointment, in which case they may go to the consulate on any working day (Monday to Friday) at 10:00 am.

The consulate also requests some candidates to wait until their office contacts them. This indicates that the case requires administrative processing and the Consulate will contact the candidate after that is over. This can take up to several months. For a Section 221(g) refusal the candidate will have to fill a new application form, but no new application fee will be required for a period of one year following the initial application in this refusal.

212(a) (6) (c) Refusals

This kind of a refusal can render an applicant permanently ineligible to go to the US, as it pertains to willful distortion of facts. Deliberately misrepresenting material information on the immigrant or non-immigrant visa application like presenting forged, counterfeit or otherwise spurious documents attracts heavy penalty from the Consulate Office.

In each case, for every refusal the Consulate will stamp “Application Received” at the back page of a candidate’s passport. Too many such stamps will also have a negative bearing on the visa application process.

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