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Question About Adjustment Of Status Parent Of US Citizen

Sandy asks…

Green Card to F1 Students who are parents of US citizen?

My wife and I are both international students (F1 Visa) from Germany. Now that our daughter is US citizen because she was born in the US, is there a clause expediting the green card process in order to stay and work in the US?

I heard about all this anchor baby discussion which is going on about illegal aliens who come here, have a child and want to stay, solely because their children are US citizens.

Since we hadn’t entered the country illegally, go to University and graduate with a degree, is it possible to obtain the green card without common procedure like employment or traditional family based (children mus be 21 or older)?

Is there a precedent case you could think of?

Best Answer:

Your US citizen daughter can sponsor you. You can apply for adjustment of status right away. You are legally eligible. Go for it.

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