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Lizzie asks…

How&where to apply for Canadian transit Visa?(trip from Raleigh/Durham,US to China,via Canada,with US Visa_F1)?

Taking Air Canada along the way through Toronto & Vancovor. Even not to go through the Customs, still need a Canadian transit Visa?

Best Answer:

Yes, you will need a Canadian transit visa if you are a visa national; it is free of charge.
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The application needs to be addressed to the nearest Canadian Visa Office which is located in Washington, D.C.
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Since the websites are out of service for maintenance I have copied/pasted the required documentation from another Canadian Visa Office since they should be the same.

Transit Visas
If you are only transiting through Canada for a stopover flight no longer than 48 hours, you must apply for a transit visa before travelling to Canada. There is no processing fee for this service. The instructions above also apply to Transit Visa applicant. Please complete the Temporary Resident Visa application form and submit the following documentation in support:

• visa of country of destination, if applicable.
• a passport or travel document for each applicant, valid for at least 6 months from the date the application is submitted, as well as any expired passport bearing proof of previous travel abroad.
• two identical passport-size photographs for each applicant, in colour or black and white, taken within the last 6 months.
• travel itinerary issued by your travel agency or airline.
• if applicable, a letter from your employer indicating length of service, salary, and leave of absence information for the duration of your intended travel.
• proof of your financial situation, or of the person on whom you are financially dependent, including bank and credit card statements , salary receipts and tax declarations. Original documents, along with one set of copies, must be submitted.
• if you are visiting family or friends in the destination country, you must submit an e-mail, fax or letter of invitation indicating the full name, residential address, job references, salary details and status in that country of your inviter.
• if you are under 18, you must present a notarised travel authorisation from your parents or guardian, as well as school fee payment receipts and student ID card.
• if you are intending to study in the destination country, you must submit a letter of acceptance from the institution you will attend as well as proof that you have the funds required to complete studies.
• if you are intending to work in the destination country, you must submit a contract and/or a letter from the employer confirming the employment details.
• if you are intending to conduct business in the destination country, you must provide a letter from your employer indicating the exact nature of your business purpose. You must also submit a letter from each company that you intend to visit, clearly indicating the address, telephone and fax numbers of the company. This letter must also indicate the date and duration of your business visit.

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