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Ruth asks…

Visa to Malaysia or Singapore?

Could please someone tell me if person from Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan(Third World Country citizen)may get visa to go to Malaysia or Singapore(tourist one) in the airport upon arrival ,or has to receive visa first in one of the Embassies

Best Answer:

Citizen of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan can travel without visa to Malaysia for 30 days providing they meet the general entry requirements:
• hold a passport which must be valid for another 6 months on arrival
• hold onward/return flight tickets
• hold sufficient funds to cover their stay [at least US$500] ..
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Nationals of the Commonwealth Independent States may be granted entry into Singapore without visas if they are on transit to or from a third country. However, they are required to fulfill the following conditions:
• They are in transit to or from a third country
• They hold –
◦ A valid passport
◦ A confirmed onward air-ticket
◦ Entry facilities (including visa) to the third country
◦ Sufficient funds for the period of stay in Singapore
• They continue their journey to the third country within the 96-hour visa free period granted
• They satisfy Singapore’s entry requirements, as determined by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority officers at the Singapore Checkpoints.
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For a longer stay they need to apply for an e-visa through either a local contact [travel agent based in Singapore who holds a singpass-account], through trusted partners in Malaysia [Global Holidays Sdn Bhd; Look Asia Holidays (M) Sdn Bhd; MP Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd; VFS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd], ..
Or through the nearest Consulate of Singapore.
Consulate of the Republic of Singapore – Kazakhstan (Almaty)
Ablai Khan Street 79
050000 Almaty
Republic of Kazakhstan
Telephone 001-2-7272-704-506
Telefax 001-2-7272-704-561
Postal Address:
050091 Almaty
Ablai Khan street, 77
Republic of Kazakhstan ..

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