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Carol asks…

Refused a US visa in Nigeria?

I’m working as an estate agent happily married with a daughter,bout a week ago I went to the US embassy for a tourist visa to attend my friends wedding in califonia.the visa officer asked me 3question and said to me I’m not qualified for a visa today.I’m intending to re-apply in a month time.Is this possible what should I be looking forward to @ my next intervie N.B I was asked y I told him to attend my friend wedding + whr I said califonia then he said whr in cali I said oakwood instead of oakland.I’m genuinely seeking the visa for visit purposes only how do I convince the visa officer I will appreciate every advice.

Best Answer:

Look at the paper you were given. It has the reason for your rejection. The most likely reason is failure to prove you have significant ties to your own country.

Your problem is that the Nigerians that came here to the USA before you did not go home. After a while it becomes almost impossible for more Nigerians to get tourist visas. We’re stupid with our immigration policies, but not that stupid.

The truth is that no matter how many times you apply you are unlikely to be approved.

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