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Question About Apply For US Visa In Philippines

George asks…

I’m single from Philippines and I’m about to apply for a US visa.?

I have just offered a job in the US. However, I still need to apply for a US visa. And as to what I’ve heard, It’s going to be RISKY since I’m single and no kids. Now, what are the chances that I would be granted a US Visa by the consulate?
Oh, By the way, the Employer is a recruitment agency based here in the Philippines.

Best Answer:

Your US employer will sponsor your coming to the states – you will be given a work visa based from that. Being single or married is not a hindrance to being employed. Your employer may have a clause in your contract that you need to watch out (Example is- you may not change jobs within a certain amount of time or you may not leave the company unless you’re being fired).

The embassy does not descriminate against any your social status.

Good luck

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