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Richard asks…

can I apply for a visa online?

we live in the united states and want to visit canada. Is it possible to apply for a visa online?

Best Answer:

American citizens do not require a visa to visit the United States. You may legally visit Canada for up to 180 days each year without a visa. You only need a passport or (if crossing by land) a NEXUS pass or enhanced driver’s license. Children under 16, crossing by land, my use proof of citizenship and photo ID.

If you have a non-US passport, you will need to check the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site for a list of visa exempt countries to see if you need to apply for a visa. If you have a US green card or student visa, you may enter Canada using your passport and green card/study permit.

In rare cases, Canadian border services may require proof of medical insurance/doctor’s letters (if you have an obvious medical condition), proof of finances such as a credit card (if you appear poor and staying a long time), or proof you intend to return to the US (such as proof of US employment, family, school, etc. If you appear to be unemployed or they suspect you of trying to work illegally). For 99% of visitors, they scan your passport, ask how long you will be staying, hand the passport back, and wish you a good visit.

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