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Donna asks…

Can a student in New Zealand apply for a US. visa?

My boy friend is Indian and is studying in Auckland, New Zealand. He wishes to visit the States on a visit visa, but we don’t think he’s eligible to apply there (He’s not a NZ Citizen) Is this true or can he apply from where he is? I do know the wellington embassy doesn’t do visa what can we do?

Best Answer:

He can apply there, but it’s hard to say what his chances are of getting it. It’s usually a lot harder to apply for the first time outside of your home country. However, who says they don’t do visas in New Zealand? Kiwis don’t need tourist visas since they’re on Visa Waiver, but they need other types of visas like anyone else. Try the consulate in Auckland. This is from their website

Visa Information Service
If you need additional information, please call the U.S. Visa Information Service on 0900 US VISA (0900 878 472). Another excellent resource for general visa information is

To Make An Appointment
Appointments for visa interviews can be made using the online appointment calendar.

Appointments and visa information can be obtained by making a toll call to the U.S. Visa Information Service on 0900 US VISA (0900 878 472)

This number is a toll number. Calls will cost NZ$3.62 including GST per minute after the first minute. The first minute of each call is free. The maximum charge for any call is NZ$26.25 including GST.

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