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Helen asks…

Visa in the philipines.?

I live in america. I’am going to the philipines to get married. What, if any, visa does she need to return to america with me?

Best Answer:

If you will get married in the Philippines you will have to file a spouse visa petition for her (K-3 or CR1).Unfortunately, she cannot come with you after you get married.You will have to come back here in the US and file the petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.Processing time of K-3 (6 months to 2 years) is shorter than CR1 because the latter is an immigrant visa petition.It means K-3 has to file for Adjustment of Status or green card when she arrives here in the US.While with CR1, she doesn’t have to adjust status and her green card will be sent to her within 2 weeks upon her arrival.Addition information:If you intend to get married in the Phil. You will need to apply for legal capacity to marry at the US Embassy in Manila.If you are divorced, it should be final and bring a copy of your divorce decree.Read instructions, requirements and download forms for your spouse visa petition at

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