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Question About CR1 Visa US Embassy Manila

Lisa asks…

what kind of visa would i need?

i am going to manila for marriage and to bring her to the states. what process would i have to go through? also i would like to find out when i get married there would it be legal here or would we have to remarry here to make it legal?

Best Answer:

You will need to apply for Legal Capacity to Marry from the US Embassy in Manila.If you have been married before bring a copy of your divorce decree.Application of marriage license can be filed at a city or town hall.The marriage will be recognized both in the Philippines and the United States and you don’t have to get married again here in the US.When you return here in the US you can file for a K-3 or CR1 spouse visa for your wife and submit it to the USCIS.

Guide to K-3:

Guide to CR1:

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