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Question About Green Card Lottery 2016

Sandra asks…

What advise should I give to my friend regarding his future immigration plans and dreams ?

My Southeast Asian friend here has a rather “weird” dream (well, most of his friends told him that) of joining the military of English speaking country. His primary choice is America. Well, of course we can’t judge him. It’s his dreams. And of course his only option(so far I know) is to obtain green card through DV-Lottery, right ? ( He doesn’t have any family who is either a permanent resident or citizen, even though he has some close friends who is a permanent resident in America. )
He wanted to do this after he graduates with bachelor degree (and thankfully, his university happens to be the most prestigious one in his country and is internationally recognized)

But, as we all know it: there’re many talks about Diversity Visa Lottery getting taken out of the picture (i.e: eliminated), and I don’t know if there’s gonna be DV-2015 or 2016. So, I think his dream of joining the U.S. Military is messed up, unless there are other legal ways.

But, I don’t wanna discourage him. What advise should I give to him ?
Should I suggest him another country that may be a good alternative for him to pursue his dream ? Like UK, or Australia for example ?
Please, don’t be harsh. I just don’t wanna tear him down.
Thank you
He told me that he already planned since elementary school on living a life outside his own country permanently…
Any other advise should I give ?
The only advise I had in mind is suggesting him another English-speaking country alternatives that might be giving him a chance to legally migrate, only if he DIDN’T win the NEXT and FINAL DV-Lottery in history of U.S. immigrations (?)
Well, his country is not hostile towards U.S. and many English speaking countries. Instead, it has a friendship diplomatic relations between them.
He told me that he’s not only just going to U.S. and join the military. He wants to be there permanently and make a good use of his bachelor’s degree for long term plan.
He told me that many of the laws in his country are unfair, and “officials tends to complicate things that supposedly to be easy to solve” he said that. And he said he can’t stand it. He said wants to live in country that has, if not the best, better justice than his original country.
Well, my head is really spinning. But as a close friend, I must find a good way to make an advise.

Best Answer:

Tell your friend that joining the army of a foreign nation is treason. It will get him locked up and in war times executed. It’s morally as despicable as it gets. If he wants to fight, tell him to fight for HIS country, not another one.

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