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Question About Green Card Lottery Chances

Ruth asks…

What are my chances of winning the Green Card Lottery?

I was born in Australia (one of my parents was born in the UK, which isn’t eligible for the lottery, does this affect anything?), and I am currently living there. I’ve seen on a website that I have about a 5.7% chance of winning the lottery, is this correct?

Best Answer:

Over 15 million entries – 150,000 visas = less than 1%

The fact that you were born in Australia makes you eligible as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements. Where your parents were born makes no difference.

The Diversity Lottery that will open in October this year will probably be the last one. Only enter on the official government site on which entry is free. All other sites are scams.
Https:// Official government site. Because the lottery is currently closed, all it shows at present is entry status check info.

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