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Question About Green Card Lottery Chances

Robert asks…

Does the US Green Card Lottery Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Green Card??

Best Answer:

That would depend on whether you have other possible eligibities or not. Most people get green cards through immigrant visa petitions based on family relationships, like having an American spouse or adult child. American brothers and sisters can also file for their foreign siblings and their families, but those take a long time. It is possible to acquire a green card through the H1B skilled worker petiitons, but those also take a few years.

So, for many people, the green card lottery, AKA, the Diversity Visa or DV Lottery program may well be their only chance to qualify for a green card. And, that was its intent, to bring in folks from countries that don’t normally have a lot of people emigrating to the US.

On the other hand, if you’re waiting 10 or more years for a F-4 petition filed by your US brother, why not apply for the DV lottery while you wait? You’ve nothing to lose and it’s free to enter. It is a lottery, so most folks won’t win, but you can try this address, everything you need to know about the program is there. Http://…

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