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Question About Green Card Lottery Deadline

Lisa asks…

Moving To USA, Green Card Lottery.?

I am a thirty one year old single woman with no children. My dream has always been to move to America and I am determined to do it. I was born and brought up in England so obviously hold a British passport. I have been reading up on the Green Card Lottery and found that due to me being British I am ineligible, is this correct and if so why?!

I have been advised that I am actually eligible due to my mother being Irish (although has lived in the UK since she was ten) and the fact that both my maternal grandparents are Irish too. Is this correct?

I know all of this is the start of what will be a very long process for me but I am determined, willing and patient and any help would be appreciated. Points will be given as I am new to this website but think it is an excellent tool and will be using it many times over!

Best Answer:

Like the guy above me stated it is a diversity lottery. However Irish DO qualify- my ex from college was here on a student Visa and was from Waterford, Ireland. I helped him apply twice. You can submit your application only once a year. Unfortunately you just missed the deadline for this year (Nov. 30). If you want to get here there are different types of visas you can get for a long term temporary stay like the student visa allows you to go to college here for 4 years and then one year after you graduate on a working visa I believe— this was 3-4 years ago so I am not exactly sure but is something you could look into. Good luck!

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