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Question About Green Card Lottery Deadline

Mark asks…

Green card lottery? I am applying to a green card through lottery. I know some who got their green cards?

through lottery.

1- Whom am I supposed to speak with? immigration lawyer? state department? whom?
2- The thing is my uncle is American and that he applied for a green card for me in 1993. I was supposed to receive it by 21 (now Im 25) but then we were asked to get a house in the US or have some other sort of links with the US in order for me to get it. They also extended the deadline by a year, even though I was no longer 21 (it only matters if you receive some documents approving/disapproving before 21). I no longer know what happened with all these issues. My parents wouldn’t really tell me. Whom can I ask if I can still have the green card now that it’s been 2 years and a half (since 22 years 1/2 years old) that Im in the US? Thanks!

Best Answer:

You need to consult a good immigration lawyer.

Both people who answered your questions are wrong.

Yes, I understand that your uncle petitioned for one of your parents, and you were included as a child. For some reason, supposed you were protected by the CSPA, you still didn’t receive your green card and live in USA in what status? On what visa and when did you come to USA?

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