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Betty asks…

would my green card renewal get denial?

i am holding a green card. i have been away from US for 10 years. During this 10 years, i always come back to US every 6 months, and stay in US for a week.

Now i came back to US for good. my green card is expiring on June 7th…

i just filed an application on USCIS website to renew my green card.

I am wondering if this renewal will be denied… i came across a forum. someone said it might be denied because I have to live in US for more than 6 months every year.

in my case, i only stay in US for a couple weeks a year for the past 10 years…

are they going to arrange an interview? do i need to show intention to stay in US? i recently rented a apartment and signed a one-year lease, and I bought a car, and my wife came to US and study in community college with F-1 visa. she will study for 5 years and I need to accompany her.

are these strong enough to show my intention to stay in US?

Best Answer:

There is no check of physical presence when you renew your Green Card. It’s virtually unheard of that somebody was able to pull this off for a decade; what you achieved is equal to winning the lottery.

Yes, you will get your new Green Card without problems. Just never file for naturalization, as you would have to list any and all absences from the U.S. For this, and at that time they would actually check your absences very thoroughly.

You got very, very, lucky.

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