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Question About Green Card Lottery Results By Country

Susan asks…

anyone won in the green card lottery? read here?

ok so dh and i want to immigrate.
so last night i took a chance and went online to the GC lottery and filled in the application. when it came time to pay i thought hey hang on this could be a scam. so i closed the site and carried on with my business.

this morning i get a call to say that they received my application and would like to tell me we qualify for a green card. i was shocked!! the lady on the other side says we have a 1 in 30 chance of getting the card
should we do it? i mean should we pay the fee and see if we can further our lives in a better country?
i filled it in here

and i got a confirmation letter via email too
can i not apply for the DV2010???

Best Answer:

You filed through a non-government site. There is no guarantee that any site that doesn’t end in .gov will even submit your application. Most of the fake lottery sites just exist to steal your money and your identity.

The US government has so many warnings against using fraud sites
“Additionally, these other websites may require you to pay for services you will not receive. These web sites may contact you by email to lure you to take advantage of their false offer to get a U.S. Visa. Additionally, be wary of sending any personal information, since these sites may even be used to gather personal information that could result in identity fraud or theft.”

“Be thoughtful about who you send your personal documents to. Unless you have an established relationship with a business, do not mail birth certificates, passports, drivers’ licenses, marriage certificates, Social Security cards, or other documents with your personal identifying information to businesses promising to complete your application for travel or residency documents. These businesses may be engaged in identity theft.”

“Be skeptical of Web sites posing as U.S. Government sites. They may have domain names similar to government agencies, official-looking emblems (eagles, flags, or other American images like the Statue of Liberty or the U.S. Capitol), the official seals or logos of — and links to — other government sites, and list Washington, D.C., mailing addresses. If the domain name doesn’t end in “.gov,” it’s not a government site. Bogus sites may charge for government forms. Don’t pay; government forms and instructions for completing them are available from the issuing U.S. Government agency for free. “

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