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Question About Green Card Lottery Statistics

Sandy asks…

Statistics Problem – statistics?

Suppose that in a particular year, the U.S. government held a lottery to issue 60,000 Green Cards (permits for non-citizens to work legally in the U.S.). An individual, from Germany, was one of approximately 6.5 million people who entered this lottery. Let G = won Green Card.
In the summer, the individual received a letter stating she was one of 137,000 finalists chosen. Once the finalists were chosen, assuming that each finalist had an equal chance to win, what was the individual’s chance of winning a Green Card? Let F = was a finalist. Write your answer as a conditional probability statement. (Round your answer to four decimal places.)

Best Answer:

Probability = favourable outcomes divided by the possible outcomes
probabilty for winning a green card= 1 divided by 137000 = 7.2992

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