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Question About Green Card Lottery

Maria asks…

Is the US Green Card Lottery worth it?

I am eligible to enter the Green Card Lotteries for the USA, doesanyone know anyone who has won one? Does that mean you can just go and live there then? Is it worth the money?

Thank you for any sensible advice
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Best Answer:

There are genuine Green Card Lotteries and lots that are fraudulent. The difference will be very obvious. Take a look here and see if you do indeed meet their eligibility requirements, no point in applying if you don’t. You will be applying on line at this site.

In answer to your questions;

yes I know lots of people who have won them, the Irish seem especially favoured

yes, you can go and live there but you will need to find work of course.

Not sure what you mean by ‘worth the money’, lottery entry is free!

The only other thing you need to consider is that, if you do win a green card and you decide to take it up, you will find that there are a couple of gotchas;

you will be liable for US taxation on your world wide income whether you live there or not, every year while you are a green card holder.

You will need to enter the country at least once a year to keep your green card. Not doing this unfortunately does not remove your tax liability so there is a potential lose lose here.

If you become a long term green card holder (8 years) and you have US assets, you could find yourself hit by very onerous expatriation penalties if you give it up.

So yes, apply as it is free and you can always change your mind but think carefully before actually taking up the card. Don’t do it unless you know you want to work and live in USAndA.

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