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Question About Green Card Marriage

Ken asks…

Getting a green card thru marriage?

Can it take as little as 6 months for you to get the Permanent Resident Card and up to 2 years.?
And if you get divorced a little after u get your Green Card can your your green card be revoked?

Best Answer:

I recently received my Green Card through a Spousal Sponsorship. Lots of people thought that we couldn’t do it, but we did! My husband and I got married on December 28th 2010. I had been visiting him (I live in Canada) since August 2010, and we decided that we just couldn’t stand to say goodbye ever again. We were both 19 when we got married. We mailed all our forms and such by mid February. We had to fill out an extra form as my husband didn’t make enough money to sponsor me himself (he had to make so much above the poverty line), so his Mother sponsored US. On May 23rd 2011, just over 3 months after they received our forms, we had our Immigration Interview. As we didn’t have enough proof, we almost didn’t get approved for my green card. Luckily, I had a photo album of all our pictures we had together whenever we visited each other (we had been dating for almost 5 years, and saw each other 3 times a year for at least a month or two per visit). She waived US through, even though we didn’t have enough proof (like Mortgage Payments, Car Payments, etc).

So, ours took just over 3 months to go through everything. But, because we have been married for less than 2 years, I only have a conditional Green Card. I can still work and everything, but I have to remove the conditions in less than 2 years time now. If you can prove that you got married without the intent of divorcing (basically, marrying to sneak into the country), you will not loose your Green Card. But, you need to have strong evidence that your marriage was legit.

Hope I helped out some!

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