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Question About Green Card Number

Jenny asks…

where can i ask for my green card number?

I cant remember my permanent Resident card and need the number to apply for a job
Can i walk into a local ins office and ask 4 it?

Best Answer:

You can not “ask” for your alien number–where is your card–the number is on your card. If you lost or do not have a card–then you have a different situation, for it should of been reported lost at the local police station and then you should of applied for a new one.
You can not “walk” into an INS office and ask for your number–you will have to provide all sorts of information to identify yourself–plus since it is the law that you have the card with you at all times, they will inquire.
I would suggest you either consult your local INS department & then make an appointment to see them or consult a local immigration lawyer.

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