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Question About Green Card Priority Date

Donna asks…

I have a question about the Green Card Priority Date?

The thing is that my father is a US. citizen, he help me apply the Green Card in Aug 2001(family:1st), right now the priority date is in July 2001. However, If right now, I get marry, then my “family” will become “2A”.

then the priority date will become Jun 2002.

Is it mean that I have already pass the priority date and will get interview very soon? or Do I need to apply the green again? which means is that my priority date will become from right now(Jun 2007)?
Thank you for Yak’s answer
I appreciated a lot.
However, if my wife(my girlfriend is going to marry me.) already has green card.
Is that different from “if she doesn’t have green card

Actually, my gf has green card, so……..

Would that be better if I get marry now? (get green card faster?)

Best Answer:

If you are the unmarried child of a US citizen then you are Priority 1. If you get married you will become Priority 3.

Priority 2A and 2B are for children of Green Card holders.

If your petition was submitted in August of 2001 (and you are NOT from Mexico or the Philippines) you will soon have a visa available since they are now servicing July of 2001.

(If you are from Mexico they are servicing January of 1991 and the Philippines April of 1992.)

If you get married you will become Priority 3. If you are NOT from Mexico or the Philippines they are now servicing July of 1999. It will extend your wait by 2 years.

Married from Mexico is February 1988.
Married from the Philippines is January 1985.

If you do not get married you’ll get your visa in the next month or two. However, once you get here you must realize that you cannot file for a fiancee as a Green Card holder. You can file for a wife, but as a Green Card holder it will take over 5 years for your wife to get a visa.

In you intend to get married the shorter wait is to do it now and wait the extra 2 years as Priority 3 when BOTH you and your wife (and any children) will get visas.


***************** If she’s got a Green Card then you are all set. You will be contacted in a month or two. Watch the monthly visa bulletin. Best of luck and thank you for immigrating legally.

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