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Question About Green Card Process

Joseph asks…

can i make green card processing faster?

hello,my mother will apply for green card she is a green card holder, it will take 7 years as the lawyer said.
is there any way to make it faster? im in US

Best Answer:

No. Your mother will file Petition for you. Once it is approved, you will be given Priority Date and your Family based immigration preference is FB2a (if you are under 21 years of age) or FB2b (if you are over 21 years of age) from the day your mother’s petition is approved. Only when your PD becomes before the cut off date of Visa Bulletin, you can apply green card in US if you have maintained legal status of another type of visa.

However, if you are staying in US illegally or out of status while your process is pending, you will be bigger trouble once you are able to apply green card in 7 years. Your green card application will be denied due to illegal or overstay presence in US and banned entering US or even applying any type of Visa for 10 years.

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