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Daniel asks…

Green card?

my firend recently moved to usa for 6 months on exchange for university. Whilst she was there she found a job at the fisheries organisation (non profit) part time. They have told her that after she graduates NEXT year from University (this is university back home in Australia) they will organise her a green card to come back and work for them. To me this sounds like a bit of a stretch considering they told her that before she even worked a day for the company. If it is true what they say they will do, what sort of process will she go through? And why would they not employ USA citizens because she will still have to get her american degree when she goes over.

The job is legal research by the way.

Best Answer:

Green cards are not the same as work visas. This sounds like a company offering a job and that would require a work visa which they can help your friend get by giving her a letter that she can use in the process. I don’t think she even needs to return to Australia for that process to begin. Now she may need to return to Australia to renew her student visa.

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