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Question About Green Card Through Marriage

Susan asks…

Green card interview through marriage?

I am married to a US citizen and I have an interview next month. I have 2 questions: My wife’s driver licence has a different address than our living address. Will that be a problem in terms of proving that we live together? Also, how many documents do I have to have as a proof that we live together? All I have is joint bank account, joint tax return and rental agreement. Will these documents be enough to prove that we live together or will I need more? Thanks.

Best Answer:

You don’t have to prove you live together. Many couples live apart due to work locations etc. The requirement is to prove you are in a valid marriage which is not just a marriage of convenience. This is generally proved through having shared assets and bills, such as a join bank account, joint tax claims, both names on bills.

Having two separate addresses isn’t going to be an issue if you can show that there is a reason for this and you still function like a valid married couple. It sounds like what you have will be fine. Photos of the two of you together and with family will help show you’ve become part of her life and are not just in it for the card.

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