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Question About Green Card Tracker

Donald asks…

Primordial Hydra + Mwonvuli Beast Tracker? Also, deck construction help.?

I have been trying to construct a green white deck which would focus around putting out “cheap” cards that would allow me to gain land, instants to help with the fact that these cards would all most likely be 1/1, land fetch cards, and some to help me to put out my Primordial Hydra. At first glance I thought that my Mwonvuli Beast Tracker could do the trick but when I looked at the two cards closely I discovered that the Hydra only has trample when it becomes a 10/10+. Now I do not know if I can use the Beast Tracker because wouldn’t that mean that it doesn’t have trample? I still have my doubt. Could someone clear this up for me? Or recommend some better cards?

Best Answer:

Your suspicions are correct. Since the Hydra only has Trample when it is 10 Power or higher, it would never have Trample outside of the Battlefield.

Personally, I find Primordial Hydra to be a less than impressive card, because it isn’t a threat until it is 10+ Power, which takes a ton of time and/or mana, and has no protection from things as simple as a Doom Blade.

The Beast Tracker would work well with things like Acidic Slime, Primeval Titan, or Vorinclex Voice of Hunger. You could also increase the value of the Beast Tracker with something like Cloudshift, allowing it to pull multiple creatures.

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