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Question About H1B Visa 2014

Ruth asks…

Travelling via london have valid f1 visa till 2014, currently in H1B do i need transit visa?

currently in H1B but have valid (2014) f1 stamped in indian passport and expired i20.
travelling to india via london airport
do i need transit visa?

Best Answer:

As long as you hold a valid U.S. Visa and you are travelling back home from the country for which the visa is valid to will not need a U.K. Transit visa provided that you:
• have booked an onward ticket from the UK for travel within 24 hours of your arrival
• will not need to change airport in the UK
• have all the correct documents you will need to be allowed to enter the country you are travelling to
• have your luggage checked-through to your final destination
• stay airside and will not need to pass through the UK’s immigration control

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