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Question About H1B Visa 2014

Paul asks…

I have a US H1B Visa and I would like to go to India for a six-week vacation. Would I be allowed?

I have a US H1B Visa ending on Dec 31, 2013. My employer would be filing an extension for me before that. I have to go to India for a six-week vacation in 2014. Would I be allowed and what all complications I might face? Also what is the process to take the dependent along on H1B?

Best Answer:

As long as your extension has been approved and your employer is OK with your fairly long absence, it shouldn’t be a particular problem.

You and any family members will have to get a new H1B visa entered into your passport before you can come back. This process is pretty much the same as getting the first H1B into your passport. I would recommend to make an appointment at the US embassy or consulate for you before you leave, even though it is expensive for a phonecall. This way you can have your appointment fairly at the beginning of your stay and will be sure you will have your passports back in time. Also make sure you will have all necessary papers with you, so the process will go smoothly. All the necessary information is on the embassy website, and you should have an idea how it works from getting your H1B visa for the first time.

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