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Mandy asks…

I am Indian, working on H1B visa. I am planning to go to Europe for 10days vacation. What visa will I need?

Please help me with procedure for Visa too. Thanks!

Best Answer:

Europe is a continent which consist of more than 45 individual countries who have Embassies and Consulates in the U.S. And have different visa application requirements.

25 countries in central Europe have concluded an agreement to open up their internal borders and to issue a common visa valid for all countries participating in the Schengen Agreement. Http:// ..
Although there is a common visa, the procedures for the application differ from country to country as the provisions of the Schengen Agreement are formulated in general only and it is up to the individual country to determine how to handle it. As an example one country’s embassy may send the approved visa to you by mail whereas another one wants you to pick it up in person and to present the actual flight ticket or a statement thereof and the travel sick insurance policy. One consulate may require you to appear in person since it participates in the EU Biometric Visa Project [,property=Daten.pdf ] others may allow you to mail your application.

Since you did not determine which country you plan to visit I can only provide some general remarks applicable to all countries. You will need to apply for the visa at the Embassy/Consulate of the country which will be your main destination. Should you not have a country in which you plan to stay for the longest time it will be the country you are entering the Schengen zone. For all applications you will need:
• a passport, which must be valid for at least three months beyond your proposed stay in the Schengen zone and contains at least two free pages
• passport photograph in the European size [35x45mm] (the number of photos required depends on the country of application)
• the standardized visa application form [again, some countries have developed an online-application form and do no longer accept handwritten application forms]
• the visa fee of €60 to be paid in $ based on the consular exchange rate which again may differ
• the itinerary for the travel
• the booking of a guided tour or individual hotel bookings [some countries still accept internet bookings, others want to see a written statement of confirmed booking with the letter-head of the hotel]
• the booking of a flight ticket [some countries insist to see the ticket before they issue the visa]
• a letter from the employer stating the position, the annual salary, and the period of leave granted
• the proof of holding sufficient funds to cover the stay [which differs from country to country]
• a sick insurance which covers hospital treatment and emergency repatriation with a value of at least €30,000.
Most consulates want the originals plus one or two copies.
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The United Kingdom and Ireland do not participate in the travel part of the Schengen agreement. Separate visa are required to visit those countries.
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