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Question About H1B Visa Lottery

Thomas asks…

change from H1B to F1, can I keep this H1B quota?

I hold a H1B visa. I work fulltime and study fulltime. Due to demanding time committments, I want to change from H1B to F1. since H1B is hard to get these days, Can I keep this H1B quota after I finish my study next year? What I concern is the H1B quota problem. Do I need to wait for the H1B quota “lottery” again?

Best Answer:

If you got this H1B via the lottery, you’ll have to win the lottery again, if you leave this job. The visa, and the petition behind it are only good while you continue your employment. If you change status or leave the job to go home or whatever, the petition and the visa issued on it are no longer valid.

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