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Sharon asks…

Looking for IT positions offering H1B Visas in Dallas?

My boyfriend lives in the UK and works in the IT department of the leading news publication there. He has a TREMENDOUS amount of experience, a college degree, and all the ability to acclimate to any IT position in the States. Salary is of least importance. He needs a visa sponsorship, though. It’s very hard to find job openings which state willingness to provide this. Anywhere in Texas is fine, but Dallas is preferable.

Any suggestions on finding these positions?

Best Answer:

The H1B program has been scaled back tremendously due to abuse by many companies. H1B’s require that there be no American qualified to fit in a certain position…or no interest in the position. In the early 2000s, there was blatant abuse of the system where the feds had to crack down since the positions were never made available to US citizens to begin with. Now there are very few H1Bs to go around, particularly in a sluggish economy. While the Texas economy is itself growing, the rest of the US is not, so it will still be difficult.

That being said, Verizon corporate does H1Bs. Many Indian-owned subcontractors will do them as well. Adea Solutions in Irving does them, as does one of their competitors They both are Verizon IT subcontractors. HP does as well, but with their merger in the works, it might not be the best time since workforces are being cut back in the merger.

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